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Sponsorship 2019/20 opportunity

Our sponsorship package from 2107-18 was a successful one for both our sponsors and the club resulting in 30% of our revenue coming from advertising and sponsorship, and the remainder from our ticket sales.

Most of our revenue was driven through our online ticket sales resulting in more customers seeing our sponsors pages and advertising. Over 300 individual users clicked through directly to both the connected websites. We were unable to measure this impact beyond our own site this year but we are now attaching an online code (PCTG18) to any adverts connected to our website to monitor ongoing effectiveness of our communication and benefit being driven to our sponsors.

We have over 1100 individual visitors to our web site at Pantomime time and 4-500 for our other shows in the year.

Our major sponsors will be featured in our program for the Pantomime and have one of two reserved spaces on all our flyers and posters, as well as being further mentioned in our press releases and any advertorial we achieve for the shows throughout the year. Normally we have 3 press releases prior to the pantomime and one before the summer show.

Our Pantomime will be December which we invite our sponsors to the Friday evening performance with guest tickets ( up to 8 ) as required.

We will also be doing a summer show in 2019 but this is still to be decided which we offer similar advertising and feature to our sponsors also.

From a business perspective we operate as a community group providing an outlet for people who wish to participate. We have a membership but we do not enforce any payment for those who cannot afford it and we are not for profit which means none of us take any payment for running or participating in the groups activities. It costs us approximately £3000 per year at current charges to produce the pantomime which includes hire the town hall for performance and rehearsals, show royalties, scenery hire and costume production etc. We always to expect this to rise each year.

Our summer production will cost a similar amount but usually only breaks even or if not creates a loss. We want to push our activities and increase our visibility.

This is why sponsorship is so important, and it is for the full 12 months from December 2018 – the end of November 2019 not just for the pantomime.

Last year Beatsons and Haigs sponsored us with goods and cash. To them we are very grateful for their input to the group, the financial support and their feedback into creating our new packages going forward.

Being and committing to being a supporter of a local all inclusive community group is very difficult to most small businesses and we appreciate every contribution we receive to make our shows successful as well as professional and spectacular as possible which they always are but the association and local prestige is certainly worth it.

As before I mentioned that sponsorship can be in the form of Cash, Goods provided and services to the value of the package:

Our main sponsorship package is £750- £1000 ( 2 available)

Full Program Page include either inside or outside back cover – Feature in our advertising. Prominent position 1 of 2 on the poster, flyers and any other printed handout in 2018/19. Advert on our website with direct click through to your own website or email enquiry( detail to be agreed after sponsorship confirmed). 8 free tickets for the pantomime and summer show.

Our second tier sponsorship is £500-£750 1 page in the program inside centre pages featured name in the poster and flyer, advert on the website 4 Tickets for 1 production of each show.

Third tier sponsorship is £250-£500 Half page in the program, name feature on advertising Poster Flyers and website, 4 tickets for 1 production of each show.

Advertising: space in our Christmas Program is £80 per page advert £50 half page advert

Graphics can be designed for you or we can accept your designs in PDF format for this publication.

If you are interested in providing the much needed support in our 2018/19 season we would like to hear from you.

duncan@dgthomas.co.uk 07541 041 339 or join us any Thursday at the town hall from 7.30 to discuss with us any variation or contribution you would be willing to offer.

We are looking forward to hearing your proposals too!